I found this article on how to cure shingles naturally.  I hope you find it usefull in relieving  the pain and discomfort this dreadful disease causes you.

Shingles are blistery strips of rashes that are commonly acquired by older people, and individual with low immune system function. The varicella zoster virus is the one responsible for the outbreak of shingles. Fortunately, there are reliable and effective home remedies for Shingles that you can do for self-care.

Lemon balm is an herbal cure that has antiviral characteristics, which reduced the spread of varicella zoster virus; it also acts as a sedative. Lemon balm herbals are natural home remedies for Shingles that is largely suggested by herbalist for self-care at home. It comes it various forms: tea, capsules and cream.

home remedies for shinglesApplication of apple cider vinegar on painful and tender shingles can be soothing and relieve pain. It is an old method on home remedies for Shingles. Mix ½ of apple cider vinegar with cold water in a bowl; soak a clean towel into the mixture, and apply it on your rash. Repeat 4 times daily….More at Home Remedies for Shingles | Fast Shingles Cure – Top Shingles

Everyone seems to have their own theory on how to cure shingles naturally.  I hope the above article brings you comfort.  I have enclosed additional information in the links below.

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